Landscape Lighting

Let us help you step into the light

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is a fantastic way to enhance your outdoor environment and allow you to enjoy being outside after the sun goes down. Few things match the mesmerizing effects of well-executed landscape lighting, which can enhance your property’s natural features. Quality outdoor lighting can also provide a new level of safety and security after dark and add value to your property. Wood’s Electrical Services Ltd., is more than just an electric company we also install lighting in front yards, backyards, gardens, patios, decks or any other outdoor area you desire.

Our skilled technicians have the know-how and experience to transform common, everyday properties into spectacular illuminated showcases. Your landscape lighting plan can be as simple or as detailed as you like. Whether you want security lighting to keep your home safer at night, lighted pathways and patios suitable for nighttime use or a complete landscape lighting system for a dramatic overall effect, you’ll find that we use the latest lighting fixtures and techniques to provide the products and services you need to achieve your goals.

We deliver all our projects on time and on budget, no matter the project size. We offer:
• Complete landscape lighting layouts and designs
• Lighting designs that can utilize any fixtures, from basic to elegant, to match any home or landscaping style
• A broad range of light fixtures, including ground lights, floodlights and security lights
• Dimming systems to create the perfect mood for outdoor entertaining and security
• Energy-efficient LED lighting for improved looks and lower utility bills
• Photocells, timers and smart devices for easy, hands-free operation
• Retrofitting and upgrading of incandescent fixtures to LED fixtures

Let Our Electric Service Light The Way

Whether you need simple repairs and upgrades, a major overhaul of your current landscape lighting system or are looking for a whole new lighting system installation, we can help you create the ideal solution. We use the latest, most efficient fixtures on the market, so you can enjoy a more beautiful, and more secure, outdoor space without paying a fortune in utilities. Our company is licensed conduct business throughout the Bahamas. When you want to enhance your property with attractive, efficient landscape lighting, schedule an appointment online or contact us at 242-324-9360 to get started.